Flooring is not an easy thing to maintain and there’s no particular kind that is maintenance-free. In short, we should take care of our floors as much as we can and that’s because we couldn’t do anything else aside from it. However, a concrete floor is much easier to clean and maintain compared to the carpeted ones yet, there are still some measures to follow that will ease your stress in maintaining freshness and cleanliness of your concrete floors. Here are some tips to do it as easy as possible: 

A better way to remove concrete stains

Cleaning and Maintenance Terminator-HSD1. How much traffic does you floor receive? In reality, how much amount of maintenance your floor will need largely depends on the traffic it receives. Hence, a residential floor is easier to manage compared to the floors in a retail or commercial area. From there, you can now come up with the idea that with your residential floors, you might just need to clean it twice of thrice a week while with your business’ floors, everyday cleaning is a must.

2. When choosing designs for your floor, avoid those is sawcut patterns or anything that can trap dirt as the time passes by. Narrow cuts and little holes can be a booby trap for the dust, dirt and other debris that are way difficult to remove and diminish. Thereafter, let’s just try to avoid it as much as possible.

3. Unless your concrete floors are polished, keep them protected by through a floor sealer. This acts as an invisible cover that protects your floor from scratches, dirt, abrasions and even stains. A good floor sealer will not only prolong your floor’s life but also makes it more appealing and in beautiful and crisp appearance.

4. With floors in a heavy traffic area, better to use floor mats to reduce maintenances and keep it safe from wearing and tearing.

5. When cleaning floors, make sure to dodge the use of abrasive chemically-induced concrete cleaners. Yes, they can clean and remove the dirt but they can ruin the total appearance of your concrete floors. Make use of a dry concrete cleaner like the Terminator-HSD to remove all kinds of concrete oil stains using bioremediation process that will never cause any harm to the concrete. It does pure cleaning and maintenance, just that. 

6. To avoid serious concrete floors problems to arise, call a professional cleaning contractor when dealing with things that are way beyond your control and capabilities. Ask help instead of doing it yourself and worsen the issue.