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The brilliant game that earned him yesterday Grandmaster Manuel Leon Hoyos Ukrainian International Master Roman Khaetsky being praised in the chess community. One is the MI soris Ramón Huerta, technical director of the School of High Performance Development and Chess Yucatan and Southeast (Edarays), who sends us this collaboration: 

Marti said: 

"By coming to earth, everyone has the right to be educated, and then, in return, has the duty to contribute to the education of others." 

In chess, the great figures of competitiveness meet that Marti successful paradigm providing technical models and exemplary character. That, indeed, was the case of GM Manuel Leon in the sixth round of the tournament that dispute in Norway. 

White, with a game against the Ukrainian International Master -Roman Khaetsky- a technical model that is much educational value and will surely be used as an example of a more general theoretical concept in the openings. 

An opening where both players are based on the classic game of occupying the center. 

Black delay their development with an early f5, Leon White sacrifices a pawn with g4-inspired progress on an idea of ​​Korchnoi-, black accepts the offer, but captures the danger and timely returned the pawn. 

The development advantage of white and black is maintained, showing poor conceptualization, undermine the white central occupation. Leon -magníficamente prepared in these positions to take advantage of these mistakes-allowed to stay with the black center and create initiative that focuses on the black king without castling. 

Comes a natural and logical to gain time in the attack sacrifice. Nothing can make the Ukrainian, but to accept the part delivered and see how flawless tactical skill Yucatan Gran Maestro shoots position. A beautiful book that will delight young Yucatecan promises, explained by their local teachers and also all proud of his youngest grandmaster Mexico.