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MI Ramon Huertas Soris  

The July 11, 2008, the Sandoval-Mercado family received an invitation (from Prof. Laura Rosas school principal "Chess Strategy and Tactics in the Life), for child Carlitos Sandoval participate in the Market" Concentrate and first American Chess Convention "; to be held from 14 to 20 July 2008 in the Otomi Ceremonial Center; Toluca Mexico State; such a course was conducted with the assistance of 139 athletes, children and youth chess elite high performance Mexico; had no registration fee, or lodging and meals for participants and parents who applied to attend as chaperones and activists of the event.  

11 That same day, Adriana Mercado, mother of Charlie, request quota for the event accompanying Carlitos and Prof. Laura gave his approval. 

Come to play a little game to blind with a seven years. Me my son, MF Dayron Huertas said during the course.  

Soon, when you start playing a game with the child "the blind", I could see that he had a special facility to feel the board; quality that is a sure sign of potential outstanding capabilities for science game. Such an approach, on being expressed to the course director, Prof. Laura Rosas, determined that she later asked the president of the EDARYS, Fis. Alejandro Castro foresee, to be given technical support to Carlitos in this center that holds the appointment CONADE-FENAMAC of "Regional High Performance Centre".  

Days after the said convention-course, foresee told me that we would receive the child and would give technical support and facilities for their stay in Merida; which we specify days later. 

In the IMSS, under the guidance of his coach Gerardo Mendoza, Carlitos was the basis for acquiring crowned National Champion Sub-8 in 2009 and U-10 in 2010. 

In March 2010 the Company was born "Custom Training Chess Master" EPAM; precisely under the direction of Prof. Laura Rosas, Carlitos being the first athlete that is accepted for this type of training.  

The EPAM is pleased to announce the magnificent result of the child Carlitos; that from this moment call Fide Master Mercado Carlos Sandoval, a title given to it today at the Pan 2010, at the U-10; I conclude to tied for first with 7.5, with 6 wins and three draws.  

Be the Fide Master, nine years is a record, surely, to be defined in the coming days its scope and size.  

Interestingly; with only 24 hours apart, in the masterful 2600 levels, another Mexican has been also tied for the honor of a very strong international tournament in Norway; tournament and some experts are saying it could be the best performance of the Yucatan that, taking the example of Carlos Torre Repetto, travels the world today, is writing to honor the name of Mexico in world chess master.  

In the history of Mexican chess, 7 and 8 August 2010 will be remembered as intense hours of high honor and recognition on behalf of the Mexican sport of chess, which continues to advance rapidly towards a social validation in our country.